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Educational Diamond Videos

Each and every diamond is completely unique with its own personality and special beauty.

In this video series, Gemologist & Certified Gemological Appraiser David West Nytch shares his knowledge about the 4Cs.   During Daves thirty-five plus year career in the jewelry industry he has viewed tens of thousands of diamonds which makes him uniquely qualified to explain in detail each of the 4Cs and how these attributes impact the overall beauty of a diamond.  


The First C - CUT

David talks about a diamonds cut and its impact on the beauty of the gem.


Diamond Shapes

A brief overview of the different diamond shapes available – which one is right for you?


The Second C - 


David discusses the color of a diamond and what the means.


Color Continued

A diamonds color – Part 2


The Third C - CLARITY

Learn about the clarity of a diamond - whats with all the letters and numbers.

The Fourth C - 

David talks about a diamonds carat weight, its impact on size and value.

Lab Grown Diamond

David shares the differences between labratory grown diamonds, simulants and natural diamonds.